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Pilates ProWorks of San Francisco



The owners and staff of Pilates ProWorks San Francisco came into the LightGrid to photograph portrait and action shots for their website.  Owner/Photographer Taylor Carter tests her skills using the LightGrid technology.  

This was a fun, high energy shoot, where first time LightGrid user Taylor Carter was able to showcase the simplicity of the technology here at Blue Sky.  Learn more about Pilates ProWorks

Lighting Demo: Baseball Card (Click to see more)


Here is a quick demo of different ways you can light a baseball card in the LightGrid.   A Baseball card collector with a large collection recently contacted us to photograph his collection.  One of the challenges of photographing cards is maintaining the integrity of the card, with true colors and textures.  We opted for shooting through the hole of the fill card, because although you lose the shine of the foil, you see the most accurate representation of the condition of the card.



Pictured above is the card in it's casing, shot with 2 lights.

photo (1)

iPad user interface that controls the LightGrid.  The top left light was for direction of light quality for a small drop shadow, and the lower light was for fill.  Both lights were rotated facing 9x12 reflective light panel, softening the overall light quality.

IMG_8853 as Smart Object-1

To achieve even lighting on the card, we cut a hole in a standard fill card.  One side black, one side white.

IMG_8852 as Smart Object-1

Hold the card up to the lens and shoot completely through the hole.

IMG_0016 as Smart Object-1

No Flagging

IMG_0015 as Smart Object-1

Flag above camera.

IMG_0014 as Smart Object-1

Shoot through hole.

From the Archives: Brisk (Click here for more!)


We've been feeling nostalgic at Blue Sky LightGrid this week and wanted to share some behind the scenes shots from one of our favorite shoots.   If you haven't seen our previous posts featuring these wonderful puppets in action they can be found here: Machete










Juan Zambrano


Juan Zambrano teamed up with CG artist Stephen Wheeler to create these stunning images that appeared on Season 10 of Project Runway. From Luxology.com:

Born from a media team that comprised CG artist Stephen Wheeler and international advertising photographer Juan Zambrano, the IIMUAHII COUTURE lookbook took Elena’s futuristic fashion designs and set them against the all white rooms and angular lines of a modern home. Using modo’s modeling tools, Stephen was able to build walkways, bend walls and refine the architecture of four full rooms from scratch, giving his collaborators something they could critique and comment on well before the project’s accelerated timeline was up. The approved environments were then rendered photorealistically, resulting in image assets that were magazine-ready before the models started posing for their pictures.



Read more about the shoot and the process at Luxology