What is LightGrid?


The LightGrid is an automated lighting studio. It simplifies the time-consuming process of setting up lights for video and still production. Why spend time getting ready to get to work when you can get to work right away? 

The LightGrid automates the work involved in setting up lights, while still allowing your team complete creative control. Why automate light? By automating the lighting process, LightGrid allows you to work more efficiently, effortlessly explore your creativity, and finish your job quicker and with less hassle.

This patented technology digitally captures images and videos from pre-formulated lighting settings to allow for the perfect image every time. It is an interactive, creative space where virtually anyone can produce professional quality images and video in just minutes for the internet, social networks, or simply for the fun of it. 

Need a photographer? Our in-house photographers are ready to guide you through the process of creating an exceptional collection of images. Hundreds of images can be captured in a remarkably short amount of time.
Are you a photographer? Gone are the days of needing an entire day to shoot a simple product shot. The LightGrid is available for hourly rentals and allows professional photographers the ability to capture the perfect shot in just hours.

Let us do the work

The LightGrid can produce professional quality photos in just minutes. Standout on LinkedIn or show off on Facebook with a professional headshot. Contact us today to learn more about our social media package.

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Rent the LightGrid

Need a studio for a project? The LightGrid can reduce your production cost by 75%. No set up required.  Camera, backdrops, hundreds of lighting templates, and every thing else you may need is included in the rental price.

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