LightGrid Rental

Starts at $250 per hour

INCLUDES: Digital tech, strobe lighting (Profoto), continuous lighting (Cineo), camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and tripod

The Blue Sky LightGrid is the first fully robotic, patented technology that captures still photography and live video in a single, fully integrated space, saving an average of 75% over typical production costs. It allows the business user to do more with less, achieving repeatable, high quality professional work.

In today's digital world, anyone can distribute pictures, video, and interactive content to a global audience with virtually no distribution barriers. The hardware currently used to capture photos and videos is inexpensive and readily available, yet there is still a dramatic difference in the quality of media produced by amateurs and that produced by world-class image-makers.

The Blue Sky LightGrid bridges this gap, democratizing the process by enabling businesses, large and small, to create professional media faster and more efficiently than ever. This technology has been researched, developed, tested, and built into a fully functional, revolutionary system. The LightGrid has been used to videotape performing artists and corporate executives, capture product photos and family photos, and it's even been used to launch national advertising campaigns. It produces gorgeous, repeatable high-definition video and still photos, making the Blue Sky LightGrid a one-stop destination for media creation.


 Photo credit:  Juan Zambrano

Photo credit: Juan Zambrano

Sample Work Done in the LightGrid