"By inventing a new, affordable path for content production and distribution, the door opens for individuals, educators and businesses of any size to learn, compete and win."

- Bill Delzell, Founder LightGrid Media

"The LightGrid takes a big step towards the democratization of media."

- Chris Anderson, Curator of the TED Conference


- VistaPrint, for affordable and on-demand marketing materials.

- Legalzoom, for remote access to professional services.

- McDonald's, for standardization and scalability.


  • LightGrid Media is a technology-enabled creative service business with US and PCT patents.

  • Our hardware/software advantage already establishes the LightGrid as the most versatile and accessible studio environment available.

  • Customers from Apple and Williams Sonoma to SF Bags and Kickstarter have all seen savings of 80% or more in time, money, and human resources.

  • Educators from Stanford, and the innovative Design Tech High School have produced work that has been shared globally, improving peer to peer dialog. 

  • We intend to advance this technology advantage by building the first true "Closed Loop" platform for education, and the SMB market to create and share content. 

  • LightGrid is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and 360º tested and ready. 

"It's the Holy Grail of content production."

- Joe Maidenberg, Head of Technology & Youtube Spaces



Videos made in the LightGrid - seen by tens of millions:

"What Kinko's did for quick printing LightGrid Media is doing for video and photography"

- Jim Connor, host of Game Changers


  • LightGrid Media simplifies the complex with a stunningly easy to operate UI, opening the door for businesses of any size to compete on an equal footing.

  • Powerful software solutions thoroughly disrupt entrenched workflows creating access for underserved markets and communities. 

  • Limitless lighting styles, camera settings, and sound are ready in fifteen seconds or less.

  • Using a dynamic pricing / licensing model LightGrid can offer services for ready-to-share video to every market.

  • Peak Design, Kickstarter's most successful ongoing project spent $250. in the LightGrid and raised $365,000 to launch its first product.

  • Paypal chose to license forty images for a global audience - paying $1,000 per image - pictures that were made in the LightGrid in less than six hours. 

"Wow, as a strategist at major agencies - McCann Worldgroup and Ogilvy New York - this is very impressive technology."

- Devin Holmes, Integration Specialist, SalesForce   


  • The LightGrid was the first product to debut at the TED Conference without paid corporate sponsorship.

  • 2016 Academy Award nominated film, Racing Extinction, included scenes filmed in the LightGrid.

  • Peak Design, Kickstarter's most successful repeat project, made its first video in the LightGrid.

  • Over 4000 LightGrid customers have worked with us to date.

  • Stanford's Freedom Cheteni taught Design as Discovery at the d.school and in the LightGrid. It was ranked in the top two highest rated courses by student reviews.

  • Content made in the LightGrid has been seen in just about every media segment from big brands and everyday bloggers to major advertising campaigns with worldwide reach.

  Photograph made by Bill Delzell - LightGrid formula 0001

Photograph made by Bill Delzell - LightGrid formula 0001




William (Bill) Delzell, B.A. Art Center College of Design      Founder & President, Thirty-five years of image making experience with brands, from Apple to Xerox


Dr. Zoz Brooks, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Co-founder, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Robotic Life Group at MIT's Media Lab


Scott Minneman, Ph.D. Stanford University                                Co-founder, Engineering Designer Xerox PARC, Advisor for the Institute For The Future


Marshall Spight, M.Eng. University of California Berkeley            Co-founder, Software Engineer at Xerox PARC and Lead Engineer Google Adwords & Adsense


Jim Bonfield, C.B.A. CSU Sacramento                                            Co-founder, SVP CustomerLink, Merger - Intuit 2014, Managing Partner, SpeakLocal.com


The Opportunity:

  • LightGrid is positioned in a rapidly growing traditionally profitable market.

  • Riding well-understood trends with an unmatched technology advantage.

  • LightGrid has well-established sales channels.

  • Low technology risk. It already works and earns revenue.

  • Unique customer experience.

  • Unique delivery method.

  • Large, (maybe even huge) underserved market.

  • Few competitors. Many Partners. Ready to scale. 



What we do now.

Watch this 2 min video to quickly understand what we are offering.



"Sheryl Sandberg has seen the future of small business advertising and it's video."

"Currently there are 30-million small business pages on Facebook, Sandberg said. And that number continues to grow every day. We have an opportunity to turn those businesses into advertisers and marketers, and that's what we've done successfully and we're going to continue to focus on that,”

- Sheryl Sandberg


The Platform Vision:

Affordable, Fast, "Local-Anywhere" SMB Video

Well-targeted, conversations. "Intelligent" content greatly accelerates engagement. It's where the market is focused from Facebook to SnapChat.

But no one currently offers a solution that is affordable, fast or capable of mass production in a way local publishers will need, to win in this space. We believe we can get there first.

Intelligent image production empowers local business to stop shouting for attention in small, un-targeted bursts and transforms them into relevant conversationalists.

Data-driven talent casting, script writing and distribution hold the keys to this approach. 

No one is offering what we can offer... Data driven, Local Market Segmentation, Full Video or Still Content Production, AND (Optional) Targeted Multi-channel delivery of the content to the advertiser’s “most likely” to engage prospects.

• With data integration partners like Acxiom and Nielsen, we empower advertisers to know WHO they should be marketing to and WHERE to find those prospects online. 

• We tie that knowledge directly to on-camera talent selection casting and scripting so we have the “right” types of talent speaking to the “right” Custom Audiences that we build based on each local  markets. 

• We offer real-time production tele-presence (an online directors chair) for advertisers WHILE the shoot is actually taking place, live. 

• We shoot with four-cameras and one operator, in real time, allowing for production values usually out of reach for entry level budgets. 

• Most sessions take less than one hour and deliver multiple output formats. 

• Our distribution engine will configure a custom audience distribution strategy and enables immediate placement using Programmatic-like distribution on YouTube, Facebook Audience Network, and many other targeted distribution networks.


 Cofounder 'Zoz' Brooks

  An introduction to the LightGrid.




The SpeakLocal Platform:


Consumer Data Analytics: 

Imagine the powerful impact of being able to show an advertiser exactly who his most-likely-to-be clients really are. We currently use Acxiom's PersonicX to do this. 

This allows us to direct on camera talent, casting and distribution decisions.

Automatic Video Script Creation:

Leveraging Marshall's extensive experience (Google) we have begun to map out exactly how we will create a word cloud-like approach to Ad copy creation.

Recent conversations envision us scraping customer reviews, website content and social media posts to better understand the marketable attributes of a small business in order to use that content in the formulation of :30, :60 and :90 second scripts.

We see the resulting scripts being somewhat similar to Madlib creations.

Fun, fully-editable starting points that should accelerate the development process, while educating the advertiser from their own client's description perspective.

SpeakLocal Talent:

Knowing who to target is one thing, having access to a talent pool of actors that look like your best, local customer groups is an entirely new level.

By working with local agencies, actors and spokesmodels who are available in large numbers in our S.F. Bay Area market allows us to easily sort and suggest the right talent for every job (we have done this previously with a project Bill created called BlueSky People a few years back).

Easy, online booking, payment and scheduling of the talent is all a part of this module.

Local Flavor Video App: 

In order to truly be able to create "Localized Ads" we need to include local imagery.

By offering a step-by-step image and video capture app for all SMB users we can capture images, video and audio from their businesses and markets.

The SpeakLocal app will walk users through an easy to use image capture process that will provide hero-shots of their stores, customers, employees and local markets that can then be used with our "green screen" process to provide local backgrounds to the demographically appropriate talent as they deliver their commercial messages.

Why we do what we do:

We believe it's time to abandon interruptive, gimmick-filled advertising and start to move towards well targeted, genuine conversations that start with inbound and outbound videos.

On Demand Video Production empowers people to stop shouting for attention in small bursts and transforms them into conversationalists with targeted, local & online audiences that actually might have an interest.

No one is offering what we can offer... Data Driven, Local Market Strategy, Full Production, AND Targeted Multichannel delivery of the content to the advertiser’s “most likely” to engage prospects. 

Who Will Care?

If we get this right, beyond the advertisers, we think larger ecosystems managed by big players servicing SMB Sales and Marketing efforts will be very interested.

1. SalesForce. Recently announced another large incubator fund for start-ups servicing their SMB clients.

2. CRM Competitors to SalesForce

3. Facebook. Already featuring more than 2 MM advertisers and making a lot of noise about video and SMB. Also expected to roll out Facebook Data in September.

4. MicroSoft/LinkedIn: Recruitment video, company video press releases.

5. Franchise Marketers: Consistent branding elements combine with “local” look and feel provide end to end Data to Distribution.

6. Local Traditional Media. The Local Media Consortium has over 1800 members representing over 800 publications nationwide.

Massive Disruption: LightGrid packs more into less, disrupting the high cost methods of making traditional imagery AND finally enabling the SMB marketer to enter the space. 

Multiple Revenue Streams: Product revenue will come from hardware sales and licensing of equipment and IP. Service revenue includes: remote access and hourly studio rentals, cloud based pre and post production services, stock photography creation and sales, asset management, software licensing, and rights–managed assignment work.

How Big? This year advertisers will invest $183 billion dollars ($8 billion of that in stock photography licensing alone). By the end of 2018 that number is projected to grow to $220 billion by 2020, with the total global media spend reaching $656 billion dollars. (eCommerce, April 2016).


Industry Projections: 


“The trends that offer the greatest opportunities for video marketers are overcoming the biggest challenges most marketers are facing today. These fall into two related clusters.

 1) They face challenges producing engaging content, producing content consistently, and producing a variety of content.

2) They face challenges measuring content effectiveness, measuring the ROI of their content marketing program, and getting a bigger budget.” LinkDex (Source) Greg Jarboe, President & Cofounder, SEO-PR. - Danny Skarka


Partner with us to give the little guy access to what the big brands have enjoyed for years: affordable, emotionally engaging storytelling tools to drive their business growth.


The LightGrid Team 

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Blue Sky Rental Studios, where it all began:

- Bill Delzell, President, Founder

+1 (415) 602-4179 bill@lightgridstudios.com