Gurbaksh Chahal BeProud

We are proud to present a video recently recorded in the LightGrid featuring Gurbaksh Chahal, founder of the BeProud Foundation From the BePround Foundation website:

BeProud's mission is simple yet challenging: to end hate. Hate crimes affect us to our very core, but as recent tragedies have made clear, news coverage after the fact is not enough. Nothing will change if we do not stop hate before it grows.The BeProud Foundation is committed to a wide-reaching campaign that spans both mass media and social media. And the message is this: Be proud of who you are. This message goes beyond any single cultural or religious group and speaks to the need for all of us to embrace our differences, to be proud of what makes us unique.The BeProud campaign will foster unity by raising awareness, sharing inspiring stories, and influencing people at every level of society. Our work will be done only when hate crimes are a thing of the past, when people everywhere can celebrate their differences with pride and without fear.This movement is just the beginning.
Gurbaksh Chahal Founder, BeProud Foundation
Thanks to Gurbaksh and the BeProud Foundation for a successful shoot, and be sure to read more about the BeProud Foundation at